Monthly Archives: January 2007

Hello world!

“Hello world!” is what my was written for me for my first post, once I signed up and created this blog.  So I figured that the title wordpress chose was perfect.  So there it is, hello world!  I am sitting here typing this as I watch “Walk the line”, the story of Johnny Cash.  The movie is actually pretty good.  It’s amazing though to see someone brought up in a “faith” family and chase after a dream,  only to see the “awe” that was once in his eyes disappear once he realizes his dream.  And not only does it disappear, but when he actually realizes his dream he finds that he needs someone else to make him happy.  The whole time he was sure that it was the dream that would make him happy, then it was June Carter…or some other woman, but that wasn’t it.  It’s the same with me.  I am learning over and over that nothing will make me happy, other than finding that piece I am missing, or is that ‘peace? ‘

In John- Jesus says that he came so we could have life and life abundantly.  That in a nutshell is my discovery.  I have discovered that Jesus has empowered us and given us hope to live ‘Life Alive!’  Until next time…this is living.