So I forgot I had this…

It has been at least 3 months since Justin and I went to Leesburg, FL to help out with the tornado’s and what turned out to be a education lesson in the art of “ministry” and just being someones friend and lending a kind ear.  Of course, I am referring to staying at the mission house for the homeless, and addicted guys.  Which brings me to my point for this blog.  I know for a fact that I get sidetracked OFTEN!  Usually though it takes a while before I get back to what I was trying to accomplish and actually accomplish it.  However, lately, God has really been helping me accomplish many tasks.  What turned out to be a bad day on sunday turned into a refreshing afternoon with Jesus and a reminder of his love and how strong his power really is!

So I guess I need to get to the point.  God has put a strong desire in my heart for ministry, it’s why I was a youth pastor, it’s why I am in school for ministry and it’s why ministry is the only thing that really fulfills me.  When I went to leesburg it was a huge eye-opener on what a church, a real breathing- Jesus loving- spirit led- praying church could be like! (yeah, that was a mouthful!)  Anyways, I went away from the experience feeling really awesome and on fire and then, as the bible said “the world comes…and its desires”  I found my self so empty and then realized…wait God called me…and he is in charge and has given me the power to Live LifeAlIVE, after all thats why I named this ministry LifeALIVE!!!

So I guess I am rambling, its a gift I know.  : )  I was looking up a verse tonight to post to someones blog and it occured to me how much I God is really apart of my life and how much the world is NOT!!  It does try to be though, it comes at me from the TV, a friends Joke, a drive to work, my own imagination, my pride…etc.  But, one thing I forgot I had, besides this blog, was the power to say no! and that power comes from Christ!…enough said.


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