Daniel 6 and the worlds secret hope

So many companies have a mission statement, but how many of those companies derived their mission statement from God?

I was reading in Daniel 6 today and could not help but notice how God seemed to speaking to me. Right now I am like Daniel. I have a choice of whom or what to serve and try to devote myself to God. It occurred to me though how much the king was watching Daniel. You can almost hear the king saying to himelf “please oh please deliver Daniel…please oh please be real God of Daniel!!”. The scripture in Daniel 6:18-20 really helps paint the picture. The king can’t even sleep!
Now to bring this back to where you and I are in today’s world…Imagine how many people could be just like King Darius in todays world. They look at us going through some crazy and scary circumstances and the whole time they are looking, hopeing, and looking for our God whom we say we believe in to come through and deliver us or comfort us or get us through our circumstances. How awesome…scratch that…how life changing would it be for that unbeleiving but hopefully doubting person to realize “that He is the livng God and he edures forever…He rescues and He saves…”. That is what I can’t stop thinking about right now. No wonder the devil hits you at certain times when you are on top of the world spiritually. He wants to destroy us. Lord let us realize people are watching and some are hopeing that what we say is true…that our God does live ad deliver and save and change us! I pray that they melt from realizing that their one tiny hope turned out to be true.

“There is no one like our God…for greater things are yet to come…and greater things are still to be done in this city…you are the God of this city.”


3 responses to “Daniel 6 and the worlds secret hope

  1. Again, great post. A guest speaker at my church just spoke about Daniel this past Sunday and I was so so motivated by his sermon. I see you haven’t blogged in a while…but might I encourage you to share more often? I’d personally love to see more, and I believe your words can really bless people. 🙂


  2. Glad to hear you’ll be blogging again! As a thought on what you said about the people that created those movies, I also did some research on the Virginia Tech shooter. His room mate at college claimed he’d never seen him on video games, but Cho was deeply involved in dark writings and performing demonic plays. His writings could very possibly root to the violence he was feeding his into his brain via the TV or internet. He apparently made a video of himself and sent it to NBC before his death, and his behavior was so violent and aggressive that they chose not to air much of the tape.
    I was in a video store earlier this year and happened to start a conversation with the assistant manager about a movie that was popular at the time. I shared with him that many of my co-workers and friends were telling me how great this particular movie was (I can’t remember the title), but when I learned of the content, I casually, yet on a serious note, said… “And I spend time with people that are watching this?” Even though he was a manager who likely had seen the movie himself, he found himself inclined to agree that it wasn’t exactly the safest film to watch. (Who would’ve thought that a couple months later, I would no longer have connections with those people?) My mom always told me, Garbage in, Garbage out! What you put in your head is what you live, even if it takes a while to reveal itself. I spent a lot of this past summer watching movies online – even after our satellite was disconnected – and it became a terrible habit. In the past month or so since I’ve busied myself in other areas, I’ve found a new side of me that I’d apparently buried. I’m now writing my first book, digging deeper into God’s word, learning French, running a magazine…and who knows what’s next. I still watch a little TV now and then (most recently Little House on the Prairie, haha) but I have found much more enjoyment in the creativity than in hours spent with TV. Now, instead of watching a movie before bed, I can’t wait to read! I thought I’d lost that desire a while ago (heck, I even claimed a few months ago that I really didn’t like to write anymore). I have no intention of going backwards now…God has too much for us to do – there is no point in wasting precious time.


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