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Beginning of a Revelation

So I must be honest and say I have been slacking majorly on this blog.  Not that you can’t tell, right?  The truth is that my mind just gets so cluttered with so many things that I forget all the other things that I want to do, and then when I finally accomplish all the things I need to do, then I try and pick back up on those things I wanted to do?  Following me?  Leading into my main point of posting this post, I had honestly forgotten a big part of my life, a part I would rather not talk about, but it seems God wants me too.  Porn-  Like it, Love it, Need it, Can’t get enough, Hate it, Sick, Disgusting, Demeaning… Those are all various short descriptive words that I would expect to hear in regards to just mentioning the topic.  God has been working on me lately, big time, and a part of my life that I would like to forget, is now becoming more and more heavy on my heart to share.  It had so much to do with pulling me away from God, and yet, also it is what convinced me even more of my need for Christ as my savior.  I will exploring some ideas and topics associated with Porn and its effects in the coming weeks.  I just have to do this, and It really needs to be addressed.  So to all 3 of my readers…( I know what your thinking…wait?  You have readers?)… anyways …to all of my readers, Stay tuned.  And in the mean time check out this blog:

It is by a very unique individual, Justine Jacobs, who is having to live with the consequences of being on a pornographic website.  She has alot of very good comments and hearing her story brings up so much regret and sadness, but also so much Praise…Our God is amazing and changes lives!   Say it with me… “Whom the son sets free, is free indeed!”


Daniel 6 and the worlds secret hope

So many companies have a mission statement, but how many of those companies derived their mission statement from God?

I was reading in Daniel 6 today and could not help but notice how God seemed to speaking to me. Right now I am like Daniel. I have a choice of whom or what to serve and try to devote myself to God. It occurred to me though how much the king was watching Daniel. You can almost hear the king saying to himelf “please oh please deliver Daniel…please oh please be real God of Daniel!!”. The scripture in Daniel 6:18-20 really helps paint the picture. The king can’t even sleep!
Now to bring this back to where you and I are in today’s world…Imagine how many people could be just like King Darius in todays world. They look at us going through some crazy and scary circumstances and the whole time they are looking, hopeing, and looking for our God whom we say we believe in to come through and deliver us or comfort us or get us through our circumstances. How awesome…scratch that…how life changing would it be for that unbeleiving but hopefully doubting person to realize “that He is the livng God and he edures forever…He rescues and He saves…”. That is what I can’t stop thinking about right now. No wonder the devil hits you at certain times when you are on top of the world spiritually. He wants to destroy us. Lord let us realize people are watching and some are hopeing that what we say is true…that our God does live ad deliver and save and change us! I pray that they melt from realizing that their one tiny hope turned out to be true.

“There is no one like our God…for greater things are yet to come…and greater things are still to be done in this city…you are the God of this city.”

Goin’ All the Way! NOW AVAILABLE!

The new book from Craig Groeschel is now available.  It is based on a sermon of the same title.  It covers finding your #1, then your #2.  “Remember, your #1 is Christ”, Craig cautions in his book!  I can’t wait for the books to hit the shelves. Now, only if I could find my #2… 🙂

Words from a Mega-vision pastor…

Recently I had the opportunity to meet Brandon Donaldson and Robert Davis from  It was amazing.  The meeting with those guys, and others from the Orlando area opened my eyes to the size of the ministry that is presented to us.  I really felt at home, and this post further shows why.  Craig Groeschel posted some comments about what he thinks will be the Future Church.  I totally agree with his opinion…this is why I love the vision of

Here is the post…. Taken from

More Bible, Less Fluff

When I was a kid, many churches didn’t engage my generation. Most of my friends “went to church” but we didn’t follow Christ. The American church (for the most part) lost touch with how to engage the younger generations.

The church needed to change. And it did. We needed to become more relevant in the way we engaged non-believers, challenged believers, and presented God’s Word. One result was the “seeker-sensitive” church. This movement brought some very positive changes, including:

  • We don’t assume everyone is a believer when they come to church.
  • We don’t assume everyone knows our language, has a Bible, or even cares about Christ.
  • We are more outward-focused.

In my opinion though, in recent years, the pendulum has swung too far. Now, in some places, church is so relevant that we almost seem to worship culture more than Christ.

It’s sad to me when pastors think a church must have:

  • Cool lights and videos
  • A coffee shop
  • Sermon series with catchy titles and intro videos
  • A stool and a table on the stage
  • Buildings with no Christian symbols
  • _________________
    (Fill in your own blank. There are too many of these things to list.)

When people do finally come to church, we should help them experience Christ—not just something that looks like a rock concert, coffee bar, or movie theater.

(I’m not saying they can’t experience Christ in those environments. I’m saying that some churches are putting more energy into environments than into the preaching of God’s Word.)

Environments don’t change lives. Christ changes lives.

The churches that thrive will be Biblical churches. God’s Word will be preached. People will feel uncomfortable, challenged, convicted. The future church will be more about preaching and living God’s Word than about attracting people with clever sermon titles, videos, and programs. Sure, we might use those things (or maybe not… GASP!). But only those who preach God’s Word will thrive. The rest will die.”

So I forgot I had this…

It has been at least 3 months since Justin and I went to Leesburg, FL to help out with the tornado’s and what turned out to be a education lesson in the art of “ministry” and just being someones friend and lending a kind ear.  Of course, I am referring to staying at the mission house for the homeless, and addicted guys.  Which brings me to my point for this blog.  I know for a fact that I get sidetracked OFTEN!  Usually though it takes a while before I get back to what I was trying to accomplish and actually accomplish it.  However, lately, God has really been helping me accomplish many tasks.  What turned out to be a bad day on sunday turned into a refreshing afternoon with Jesus and a reminder of his love and how strong his power really is!

So I guess I need to get to the point.  God has put a strong desire in my heart for ministry, it’s why I was a youth pastor, it’s why I am in school for ministry and it’s why ministry is the only thing that really fulfills me.  When I went to leesburg it was a huge eye-opener on what a church, a real breathing- Jesus loving- spirit led- praying church could be like! (yeah, that was a mouthful!)  Anyways, I went away from the experience feeling really awesome and on fire and then, as the bible said “the world comes…and its desires”  I found my self so empty and then realized…wait God called me…and he is in charge and has given me the power to Live LifeAlIVE, after all thats why I named this ministry LifeALIVE!!!

So I guess I am rambling, its a gift I know.  : )  I was looking up a verse tonight to post to someones blog and it occured to me how much I God is really apart of my life and how much the world is NOT!!  It does try to be though, it comes at me from the TV, a friends Joke, a drive to work, my own imagination, my pride…etc.  But, one thing I forgot I had, besides this blog, was the power to say no! and that power comes from Christ!…enough said.


This weekend I went to a “Singles” conference in Orlando, Florida called FUSION. It was put on by and Calvary Christian Assembly. We had the privelage of having The David Crowder Band lead worship and mini-concert, while hundreds of people found their calling into various ministries. The event is designed to FUSE your faith in God with your Gift from God to help others. Several pastors came to speak at the event and some authors came.

Upon looking for more information on some of the speakers, I stumbled on a list of the most “emerging churches in my area” made by Relevant Magazine. I just returned from spending at least an hour or so reading info and checking out those various churches. Some are very promising in terms of getting back to what I like to call the “Reach Factor”. They are really working to touch the community. This is something that Justin and I have felt very strong about from the beginning of the idea of LIFE ALIVE CHURCH. However we didn’t get that idea from reading, we just saw a need and felt that as Christ- Followers we should meet it, and train others to meet it. This weekend we are going to be putting that idea into practice. We will be working with FBC of Leesburg, Florida to help with the recovery process of the tornados. We are expecting to grow alot from this experience. So having thought all this and read all that, I leave you with a quote from a article I was reading about churches touching the community. This particular one is from a church in my town of Jacksonville, Florida. So read the quote and ask yourself…“what about the church you are apart of?”

“In 1988 Vaughn and Narlene McLaughlin moved into a depressed area of Jacksonville to begin a church designed to meet the needs of the whole person. Today their converted Bell South building called the “Multiplex” houses nearly 20 for-profit businesses including the Potter’s House Café, a credit union, a beauty salon, a graphic design studio and a Greyhound Bus terminal, all started by church members who lacked capital but had a dream. Another building serves as an incubator for two dozen new businesses. The multiplex also houses a 500-student Christian Academy. In addition to their ministries of economic empowerment and education, they also have nearly 25 other ministries such as a prison and jail ministry, youth ministry, Big and Little Brothers, and free car repair. They also have a team of 250 volunteers who “look after things in the city” even if it means to simply sweep the streets of Jacksonville. Though an outstanding preacher, to Bishop Vaughn McLaughlin, ministry is always what happens outside the church-“If you are not making an impact outside of your four walls, then you are not making an impact at all.” In 1999 Bishop McLaughlin was named “Entrepreneur of the Year” by Florida State University. Is it any mystery why the city and its leaders have so wholeheartedly embraced Potter’s House? The question he repeatedly asks is the question that churches in all kinds of neighborhoods are increasingly asking themselves: “Would the community weep if your church were to pull out of the city? Would anybody notice if you left? Would anybody care?”

The question, “How big is your church?” should be replaced with “How big is the impact you are having on your community?” Every other measure is interesting but not relevant. Let’s refuse to be impressed by numbers alone. There are many ways to engage the community and make an impact. The only “bad” way to engage the community in service is not to engage at all!”

Does the world see something we don’t?

While looking for a certain song today I stumbled on a blog post from 2006.  This blog post was titled, “Fantasy Church”.  In this post the author tells his readers how popular fantasy sports have gotten and how this could be the next big thing.  He explains how “Fantasy Church” should be played.  The point system is used to score types of sermons, and style.  As in Exegetical or Topical.  Next the music is measured, Contemporary or Hymns.  You would apparently score a church that uses the same amount of hymns to the same amount of contemporary music a “5”.  Various other ways to earn points are presented including whether or not your preacher sits down while he preaches.  

Now, at first this was funny to me but then I started really thinking about it.  Does the world see The Evangelical churches in this way?  Will someone really give our church more points for playing a U2 song before service starts?  Do I lose points if I sit down while I preach?  Does Andy Stanley lose points?  Where do I rank along the likes of Charles Spurgeon and Rick Warren?  Apparently if your “Fantasy Church” is led by Mr. Warren you can count on winning.  So…this brings me to my rant.

Before you get to upset at the fact that someone would think up this idea of ranking churches, let me share this with you.  Upon further inspection and reading all the comments and checking out the site where the titled blog was posted I discoverd the present author is a member of the body of Christ.  So that calmed me down alot, but It still made me think.

What does the world see?  Do they really rank our services and our music and our teaching methods?  Since when did Christs’ church become about “hitting the mark for people”.  Obviously, this type of “Ranking system game” doesn’t exist, at least I hope. However, it still makes me wonder if the players (pastors and communicators and leaders) in Christs’ REAL church today, including me, realize it.

Does the world look at us like we are competing for the “Best Church of the Year Award” ?  Or, Is it us that keep score, and not even realize it?